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DataBroker is a marketplace for secure peer-to-peer data exchange and monetization. It helps in connecting data producers and data consumers with a vision of unlocking the potential of vast amounts of data being generated and consumed across the globe.

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Peer to peer data exchange, secured by Blockchain

DataBroker does not store data in any form, it merely provides a platform to transact, and the technology to exchange data directly with the data consumer in a secured manner.

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Data marketplace as a service

We offer the building blocks of DataBroker to organizations willing to setup their own data exchange platforms, a fair degree of rebranding and customization options are available out of the box.

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Let your data bring revenue for you

You generate or own data, which is consumed for its primary purpose and then is either discarded or is stored for a few years and then destroyed, let’s monetize it in a structured manner.

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  • Create a free account
  • Setup the DXC and map your Data
  • Declare data collections and add products
  • Publish on Marketplace
  • Transact online, get instant access
  • Enjoy DataBroker security & guarantees
  • Attractive Revenue Sharing Models
  • Connect with the global audience

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