Your data exchange platform

Databroker is a blockchain-supported marketplace for data that operates in its own name or as a white label.


The next-generation technology for data exchange

Data is an increasingly valuable asset that drives powerful insights in a wide range of applications. By providing critical and unique Blockchain-supported infrastructure for data exchange and data monetization across industries, Databroker enables:

Secure data exchange

Data providers on the marketplace install a piece of software called the Data eXchange Controller (DXC). The DXC enables data providers to securely send any data type through any data source format including files, data streams, and API flows.

Enhanced transparency

One platform to manage all aspects of your data transaction. Private and/or public exchanging of data takes place without the need for an intermediary to store (and potentially access!) the data. Participants can verify (not trust) that transactions have been completed as proposed.

Compliance to data privacy regulations

By enabling peer-to-peer exchange of data, a blockchain-supported distributed platform ensures data does not go through third-party servers hosted by cloud infrastructure providers.

Automated data monetization

Smart contracts act as escrow and enforce a warranty agreement, ensuring data assets are safely and conveniently monetized.

I’m ready to start listing my data offer

Whether you already know exactly which data you want to monetise, or just want to engage with potential buyers and find out what they need, you can list your data offer in a few easy steps.

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Our most powerful Platform as a Service solution enables you to launch your own data exchange platform in a few days and so much more.

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