About Databroker

Databroker is the blockchain-based, peer-to-peer marketplace for data. It’s home to an ever-growing number of data buyers and providers worldwide, all with one common goal: to create real business value from data.

Connecting and serving

Responding to the needs of our data-driven age, Databroker is there to connect and serve, whatever the size of your organisation or company, and whatever your data needs.

Via our platform, you can buy or sell pre-defined data streams or data sets, or find your ideal data partner through broader offers and requests that can be fine-tuned and negotiated.

And thanks to blockchain technology, purchased data is safely and securely transferred directly between the two parties, never touching the Databroker platform. This automated process offers speed and reliability, and gives unparalleled assurances about data integrity.

Personalised DataMatch service

For those who have trouble finding the data they need, we offer a tailor-made DataMatch service. Based on your specific needs, our DataMatch Advisor searches for potential data partners from our wide global network, and contacts you when they find what you need. At no extra cost.

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Platform-as-a-Service solution (Paas)

Databroker is also available as white-labeled Platform-as-a-Service solution (PaaS), allowing data-rich companies to achieve, and even exceed their business ambitions by operating their own data exchange platform.

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Our story
Creation of Databroker

The idea behind Databroker originates within SettleMint, its sister company, in Belgium in late 2016. The team, led by two tech visionaries Matthew Van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer, starts work on a proof-of-concept based on SettleMint’s low-code blockchain middleware.

Alpha release, DTX tokens

A prototype of DataBroker DAO, “the first global marketplace for trading local IoT data”, sees the light of day. Platform validation with end users in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. DTX token sale – a total of 225 million DTX tokens are created, corresponding to the expected number of sensors that will be connected to DataBroker DAO in the year 2024.

Beta release

The next release of Databroker DAO sees DTX tokens being staked to ensure the quality of data being sold, and allows potential buyers to easily search and find the sensor data they need and purchase it with DTX tokens. Building DataBroker DAO alliances: Ericsson 5G Life Campus, Rivetz...

Revisioning, rebranding and retooling

In a year full of transformation, Databroker DAO is rebranded as Databroker, the scope is extended from IoT data to all kinds of data, and the whole concept is redesigned to convey the new message: Databroker is the marketplace for data. The team focuses on building the platform and onboarding new partners that share our vision.

Commercial release

The first commercial version of the marketplace for data is launched.

Data buyers and sellers can connect via the Databroker platform and exchange data securely on a peer-to-peer basis.

For buyers who have trouble finding the data they need, our free, tailor-made DataMatch service helps identify and match potential data partners from our wide global network.

And data-rich organizations like network operators, network service enablers and smart cities can leverage our white-labeled Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to operate their own data exchange platforms for public and private data sharing.