What is DTX staking?

Receive rewards while holding DTX tokens.
The DTX staking program is designed to benefit DTX holders. It allows you to receive rewards and generate passive income by staking your tokens.
It’s an open program that connects over 3000 members of the Databroker DTX community to the Databroker gains and incentivises them to participate more actively in the Databroker project.

Benefits of DTX staking

With the staking application, it’s easy and fast for DTX holders to stake their tokens and earn interest based on the amount of data being purchased on databroker.global.
While most staking programs are smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and require a more difficult and time-consuming user journey to access and convert tokens, DTX staking offers a user-friendly interface, the Databroker staking app, to easily interact with the deployed smart contract without any further integration work.
The staking application is designed to help token holders keep track of staked tokens, easily increase or decrease the total amount staked, or withdraw tokens at any time.
These actions can be taken, and the status monitored, within the Databroker staking app.
Stakers get rewards based on a percentage of the volume of deals between Data Buyers and Data Sellers on databroker.global. That means the more deals done on Databroker, the more rewards will be distributed to stakers.

Simple steps to get started

Step 1

Initiate Staking

The first step to using the Databroker staking app is to have MetaMask installed on your browser and have DTX tokens in your Ethereum wallet. MetaMask enables you to seamlessly interact with the staking application.

Decide how much DTX to stake, click CREATE STAKE and the tokens will be transferred from your Ethereum wallet to the staking address.

Step 2

Start Earning

Each time a transaction is made on databroker.global, a percentage of the platform reward (from 0.1% to 10%) will be distributed to the staking program. An individual staker’s share is directly linked to the amount they have staked compared to the total staked amount of all stakers, as well as to the length of time the tokens have been staked.

Step 3

Claim Rewards

As a staker, you can remove your stake at any time. The amount removed will be the staked amount plus the share of the DTX rewards deposited on the staking program. This amount will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet.

Where to get DTX tokens

You can buy DTX tokens on these exchanges

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