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- By  | June 09, 2022


Stay at the forefront of data valuation and data exchange and browse our use cases to discover practical and innovative ways that data can drive growth and more strategic business moves.

The value of PLC-generated data in the manufacturing industry - Whitepaper

Leveraging PLC-generated data, the manufacturing industry is poised to adopt a slew of emerging technologies that will unleash productivity and profitability.

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Most valuable data to smart cities - Survey Results

Databroker’s “Most Valuable Data to Smart Cities” survey was conducted in November 2020 and gained insights from smart city stakeholders in 11 countries on four continents.

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What is the value of my data? - How big and small businesses can become data providers and profit - Minibook

How organizations are leveraging data to inform decision making, streamline operations, provide value add, and capture new markets.

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The growing value of human behavioural data - Use case guide

How city planners, retailers, governments, and law enforcement can leverage data to inform decision making.

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How satellite imagery data is applied in agriculture - Use case guide

The growing potential and use cases of geo-spatial satellite data in the agriculture sector.

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What is the value of my data? - How IoT platforms can become data publishers and profit - Minibook

Learn how to transition from a purely IoT supplier to a more data-driven business model, how to provide value add for your clients, and how to capture new markets.

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Databroker: The next generation marketplace for data - Whitepaper, December 2020

See how we utilize technology to enable decentralized data trading and data monetization, build customized platforms for data rich organisations, and accelerate the data economy for everyone.

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