Let your data bring revenue for you

Get your part of the big data market!

More than 5,000 companies are already selling, buying and reselling data, worth for $120 billion and this number is likely to reach $335 billion by 2025. Why not capturing your part of this growing market?


Data is valuable. It must be. Otherwise, how could digitally native, “data first” companies like Alphabet and Facebook have risen in mere decades to take their place amongst titans of industry. Where does this enormous value come from? Is it really the data? Can you profit from collecting more data? Further, what is the value of data to society and individuals?

Finally, can we put a price to specific datasets? In the emerging marketplace for data, how can you determine the fair value of the data you’re generating now?

Through exploring these questions and more, we have created a mini-book “What is the value of your data?” to provide insight into the nature of your data, it’s place in the modern economy, it’s true value and potential, and what companies and the public sector alike can do to make data work for them. Download a free copy of our mini-book “What is the value of your data?”

How to start selling data on Databroker.global?

Step 1. Create a free account on databroker.global

Step 2. Create data collection and publish data products for sale

Step 2. Install the Data eXchange Controller (DXC) and map your data source (File, API, IoT Stream) with the data product. See our installation guide here.

Step 2. Benefit from DataBroker’s promotion and marketing, earn revenue when consumers purchase your data products.

Not enough visibility to sell your data? Contact us to discover our Value Added Services, it includes a collaborative market approach to promote your data to specific industries and to generate more traffic

Revenue Sharing Model:

Creating your account and publishing your Data Product on DataBroker.global is free of charge. You can define the sales price or choose from one of many pricing models. When a data buyer makes a purchase, we take care of the payment reception and share the access of data to the data buyer. Sellers get paid 90% of the sales price after a warranty period of 30 days, whereas 10% goes to the DataBroker platform (see Guarantees and Escrow).