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The Holiday Content Hub from Databroker

- By  | April 02, 2021


In the run-up to this year’s Easter holiday period (that means there is more time for reading!) we have collected some insights, tips and advice to help you innovate, make solid decisions and scale.

Below you'll find resources to learn about the growing value of data, practical and innovative ways that data can solve real-life challenges, lead to better decision-making and drive more strategic business moves. 

Take a moment to learn from us!

"What is the value of my data?" eBook

"What is the value of your data?" - the Databroker eBook

Companies manage multiple data assets that are rapidly growing in value. But how valuable exactly? This eBook explores precisely this question and provides answers for how big and small businesses can leverage their data and profit. We are drilling down into some real-world use cases across a range of industries and exploring how to transition from a purely IoT supplier, industry 4.0 manufacturer, insurance provider, or retailer to a more data-driven business model, inform decision making, provide value add, and capture new markets.

Download the eBook here.

"The growing value of human behavioural data" eGuide

The growing value of human behavioural data Databroker eGuide

Want to know how city planners, retailers, governments, and law enforcement can leverage data to inform decision making? This eGuide brings you strategic insights and use cases that solve real smart city challenges.

Get a free copy of the eGuide here.

Survey results: The most valuable data to smart cities

Survey results: the most valuable data to smart cities

Did you know that air quality, climate change and energy efficiency in buildings top our recent survey on “The most valuable data to smart cities”?

Let’s deep dive into data sets that smart cities want.

White paper

Databroker white paper

We are thrilled to share our white paper (v2) with you! The update includes market context, business strategy and a technical description, a look under the hood at how Databroker works. We illustrate how Databroker enables decentralised data sharing and data monetisation, builds customised platforms for data rich organisations and accelerates the data economy for everyone. 

Get a free copy of the white paper here.

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