Peer to peer data exchange, secured by Blockchain

Databroker.global is a blockchain-supported decentralised marketplace where buyers and sellers exchange data on a peer-to-peer basis. The data exchanged are put to use towards improving operational efficiencies, capturing new markets, and driving better decision making across industries and the public sector.

Databroker overcomes key technological barriers to at last create the open, secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace for data that’s urgently needed. Critically, Databroker’s technology also enables the monetisation of data assets, an important tool for overcoming barriers to data exchange. By providing critical infrastructure for the emerging data economy, Databroker bolsters the growth of the data economy while also positioning itself as a major vector for value accrual within it.

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We take data security and privacy seriously

DataBroker is a producer-to-consumer or a peer-to-peer data marketplace. While traditional data marketplaces store your data on their servers before resharing with others, DataBroker uses “Data eXchange Controller” a light weight client which sits near the data source in the data producer’s premises and enables data exchange via it’s blockchain backbone directly with the data buyer or data consumer.

Underlying blockchain technology brings several benefits for peer-to-peer data exchange:

  • The marketplace does not have access to the data and cannot tamper it.
  • Commercial transactions are settled in a transparent and efficient manner.
  • Data sharing agreements, deal validity and deal conditions are recorded and enforced in an immutable manner
  • The Data consumer receives a money back guarantee for 30 days, see Guarantees and Escrow
“Thanks to our collaboration with DataBroker, we are able to empower our customers to share or even monetize their data in a secure, traceable, and extremely easy way. The integration of data sharing in PLCnext brings our clients back in control of their data and opens hundreds of new opportunities” - Joris Huegaerts, Phoenix Contact

How does it work technically?

How It Works

Data provider creates a free account on DataBroker and publishes a data product on the Data Marketplace. In parallel, data provider also installs our DXC software (see our Data eXchange Controller page) and maps the data stored on their device in the DXC which is further linked with a particular data product which was published on the marketplace

Data consumer, finds the data on the marketplace, accepts terms and conditions, and purchases the data product. On successful purchase, data consumer gets the download link or connection end-points and credentials for accessing the purchased data and receives the data via DXC (Data eXchange Controller) which acts as a secure gateway and enables the data transfer after verifying that the data consumer is eligible to access the data.