• What kind of data can I sell or share?

    You can sell or share any kind of data on the Databroker platform, provided you have the rights to do so.

    Data can be provided as a one-off file or stream that can be accessed during a defined period, or as an API that can be called during a defined period.

    Read more about how data is transferred to the buyer here.
  • What’s the difference between a data offer and a data product?

    Data offers are the high-level descriptions of a set of data you want to sell in one of Databroker’s eight data communities, e.g. weather data for Belgium, published in the Geospatial community. They do not include prices or details about file type etc.


Within a data offer, you can publish any number of specific data products that are ready for purchase, e.g. temperature data from 2005-2010. 

Data products can be added to (or if needed, removed from) data offers at any time.


  • How do I publish a data offer?

    Our step-by-step wizard guides you through the four steps of publishing a data offer.

    The first step – providing basic information about your data offer – is mandatory. Here you gives a concise description of the data, indicate which region it covers, and select which of our eight data communities it should be categorised in, and upload an image from your own computer or from our image database to make your data offer as attractive as possible.

    The other steps – adding more details, use cases and a screenshot/visual representation of your data to help potential buyers better understand the quality and relevance what you are offering – are optional but highly recommended.

    You can view, edit and unpublish your data offers at any time via the My data offers & products section of your account.
  • How do I add data products to a data offer?

    You can add data products immediately when you complete a data offer, or at any other time via the My data offers & products section of your account.

    For each data product, you can decide:
    • the data access period, i.e. day, week, month, year; and 
    • the pricing of the data, i.e. free of charge, fixed price, suggested price with bidding allowed, or bidding only.


You can also edit or unpublish data products at any time.


  • How do I make a data product available for purchase?

    Once you have published a data product on the marketplace, there is still one step needed to make it available for purchase: mapping the data product with the related data source you have declared in the Data eXchange Controller (DXC). 

This is done using a unique product ID. Note that the DXC needs to be running.

Read more about the DXC and data transfer here.

  • How do I edit or unpublish a data offer or product?

    From the My data offers & products section of your account you can edit or unpublish data offers and related data products at any time.
  • How do I define the licence for how my data can be used?

    For each data product you publish on the Databroker marketplace, you need to provide a URL where the buyer can consult the data licence related to that product.

    To be able to purchase your data, the buyer needs to accept the terms of the data licence, and is then legally bound to comply with your conditions of use.
  • How do I see an overview of all the data offers and data products I’ve created?

    You can find an overview of all your data offers, and their related data products, in the My data offers & products section of your account.