• How do I transfer my data to the buyer?

    Databroker provides a secure and controlled way to share your data without passing via an intermediary. This is made possible thanks to a small piece of software, known as a Data eXchange Controller (DXC).

    Unless your data product is free of charge and you provide a direct link (URL) to data users, use of the DXC is mandatory.


  • What is the DXC and how does it work?

The Data eXchange Controller is a small piece of software that has very low CPU and memory requirements and can be installed on any server or small device (e.g. router, plc controller, gateway).

It acts like a proxy server, opening a secured connection with – and only with – the data sold or shared, thanks to the use of unique data product IDs.


  • How do I install the DXC?

    Once your Databroker account is created and your first data offer published, you will be able to download the DXC software and install it easily by following the instructions provided in the Data eXchange Controller section of your account.


Once the DXC is up and running, you’ll be able to declare all your data sources in the DXC through an API or a simple web interface.