• How can I find the data I need?

    All data on the Databroker marketplace is categorised in one of eight main communities: Geospatial, Environment, Transport, People, Agriculture, Energy, Economy and Supply chain. You can find these communities at the top of every page on the marketplace.

    Per community, data is further categorised into themes, e.g. within the Transport community, data is categorised under themes such as Traffic, Transport of goods etc.

    You can explore each community by theme, and/or by region or country.
  • How do I contact the data provider if I have questions about the data?

    For each data offer published on the marketplace, you can click ‘Contact the data provider’ to ask questions about the data in question, or to explain your data needs and ask if the provider can meet those needs.
  • What if I can’t find the data I need?

    If you can’t find the exact data you need, but you think a certain data provider might be able to offer that data, you can use the ‘Contact the data provider’ feature, available in every data offer. If the data provider can offer the data you need, they can simply add a new data product on the marketplace, as part of an existing data offer. 


Another option is to use our free DataMatch service. First, you contact us to explain your business challenge so we understand your exact needs. Then we search our wide network for the perfect data partner, and let you know when we’ve found a match.

  • How do I know that the data will be what I expect?

    If you have questions about a data product, we suggest that you contact the data provider directly to know more. You’ll find a contact button on every data product page.

    Remember too that all data comes with a 30-day warranty period. Should you discover an issue after purchasing data, and cannot find an amicable solution with the data provider, it’s possible to file a complaint within 30 days of your purchase. You can read more about this here.