• How do I know when I’ve sold data?

    When a buyer has purchased one of your data products, you will receive an email confirmation with the buyer information, details of the data product sold and the price. You can also find this information in the My sales section of your account.

    When a data product is purchased, the purchase amount is converted from EUR to an equivalent digital currency token Data eXchange (DTX) according the market value at the time of the purchase.
  • How do I see an overview of all the data I’ve sold or shared?

    You can find an overview of all the data products you have sold or shared in the My sales section of your account.
  • Can I see who buys my data?

    Yes, when a buyer buys a data product from you, you see their first name, last name and the company. This information is provided in the email confirming the sale, and you can also find it in the My sales section of your account.
  • Can I contact the person who buys my data?

    We do not provide the buyer’s email address or phone number.
  • What happens if a buyer is unhappy with data they’ve bought from me?

    Databroker offers a 30-day warranty on all data sold. This means that buyers have 30 days to check their purchase, and to contact you if there is any problem.

    We encourage buyers and sellers to try to find an amicable solution if there is an issue. However, in cases where that is not possible, buyers have the right to file a complaint within 30 days of their purchase.

    If a complaint is filed with Databroker, the first action we take is to freeze your earnings related to that sale. A Databroker mediator then investigates the complaint, working with you and the buyer to try to come to an agreement.

    If an agreement can’t be reached, the mediator will make a final, binding decision. If the complaint is deemed valid, we reimburse the buyer.