Databroker is the marketplace for data. Its mission is to help businesses to thrive by accelerating the path to effective adoption of the data economy.

Our peer-to-peer platform brings together an ever-growing number of data buyers and providers worldwide, to ensure easier, faster and safer access to reliable and actionable data.

Anyone with a Databroker account, can enjoy all the features of the Databroker marketplace and can share, sell and buy data. 

As a data provider, you can:

  • reach a global community of data buyers;
  • retain full control of your data as Databroker does not store or see your data; and
  • instantly and securely transfer data to data users without investing in data transfer technology or billing systems.

As a data buyer, you can directly find and acquire data from trusted data providers, with instant peer-to-peer data transfer and a 30-day warranty on all data.

For more information on getting started with selling or sharing data on Databroker, see the following help topics:

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