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You’re in the right place! Businesses around the world – from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals – are understanding the need to put data at the heart of their strategic decision-making. Could your data be just what they need?

Our mission is to connect those who have data with those who need it and appreciate its value. And the Databroker marketplace does just that.

Publishing a data offer on our marketplace is the perfect way to attract potential buyers, and then discover how you can meet their specific needs.

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Advantages of selling your data via Databroker

Easy access to a global audience of data-hungry companies
Companies worldwide are waking up to the value of data to help them streamline their business and outrun the competition. Our user-friendly platform gives your data the visibility it needs, on a global scale.
One platform to manage all aspects of your data transactions
From the moment you publish your data offer in our marketplace, to the moment you receive your earnings in your account, all aspects of the transaction are automated and handled within Databroker.

No separate contracts or agreements to keep track of, and after the 30-day warranty period, you can redeem your earnings at the touch of a button.
Fully secure peer-to-peer data transfer
Our marketplace is all about bringing together buyers and sellers, and thanks to our peer-to-peer marketplace, the data you sell is transferred directly from your system to the buyer, never passing through the Databroker platform.

This means you keep full control of your data at all times, and that only buyers have access to the specific data product(s) they have bought.

“The intersection of blockchain and IoT is a trend we’re seeing more and more as the industry matures. We believe enabling integration with the Databroker platform will enable the Robustel IoT ecosystem to extract massive value from their data and share insights that can improve the quality of IoT solutions world-wide”

Yi Huang, Vice President of Robustel

“Thanks to our collaboration with Databroker we enable our customers to sell their data in a secure, traceable and extremely easy way.”

Joris Huegaerts, Business Area Manager Industry Management and Automation at Phoenix Contact

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