In an increasingly mobile world, efficient and well-functioning transport systems are vital for both businesses and individuals. By understanding how, why and when people and goods move, we can optimise current systems, develop innovative solutions, and shape the transport networks of tomorrow.

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Transport of goods

Volumes of freight transport by road, rail, air, sea or inland waterways, average distances, average loads carried, empty runnings.

Transport of people

Passenger-kilometres by transport type, journey purpose, available seats, on-time rates, public transport usage, access for disabled people.


Vehicle-kilometres by vehicle type, traffic volume by road type, speed limits and real speeds on road segments, daily traffic flows, raw counts.

Transport safety

Data on injuries and deaths from road accidents, exposure data about road use and users, and data on safety features like seatbelts and helmets.

Transport sector

Employment, infrastructure investment and maintenance, equipment manufacture, number and age of vehicles/vessels by type, vehicles by fuel type.

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