Data about the characteristics and behaviour of individuals and groups of people is critical to public and private sector entities who want to better understand motivations and needs, identify challenges and find solutions, and overall, make more strategic use of resources.

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Demography and migration flows, demographic indicators, population projections, population and housing census, asylum, migration integration.


Public health including health determinants, health care expenditure, resources and activities, disability, causes of death, accidents at work.

Education & training

Participation in education and training, learning mobility, education personnel, education finance, outcomes, language learning.

Labour market

Data on employment, inactivity, working time, job vacancies, labour costs, gross and net earnings, gender pay gap, minimum wages.

Income & living conditions

Employee, property and household income, self-employment, social benefits, taxes and contributions, household membership.

Culture, sports & youth

Data related to spending, attendance and revenue generated from cultural and sporting activities, and a wide range of aspects related to young people.

Crime & criminal justice

Recorded offences by type of crime, age and gender of offenders, volumes of legal cases, age and gender of prisoners, prison capacities and occupancies.


Gender, age and disability equality, covering topics such as employment, salaries, education, quality of life, social inclusion, household make-up.

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