Understanding the physical and spatial characteristics of our planet, and how we interact with it and move around on it, can bring valuable insights into how we can best manage resources while at the same time, respond to people’s needs.

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Information about locations according to their absolute (using latitude and longitude) or relative location (distance from another point).


Information about locations according to their physical (e.g. topography, geology) or human characteristics (e.g. land use, political systems).

Human-environment interaction

Data that helps us understand how the quality of environmental system affects the social system and how human activities affect the environmental system.


Data related to the geographic movement and of people (migration and population), goods (trade), and ideas (communication) across the planet.


Information about locations according to a unifying characteristic, covering formal (e.g. countries) and functional regions (e.g. Wi-Fi hotspots).

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Borehole Sample Data

United Kingdom

Location Data Graph, People Data Graph and Consumer Data Graph.

Singapore Asia Oceania

Multi-spectral and multi-temporal big data satellite imagery API service


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