Economic data on the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services across sectors, industries and locations has long helped investors understand how well the economy is functioning under certain conditions, predict and react to market changes, and make informed business decisions.

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National accounts

Main GDP aggregates, institutional sector accounts for businesses and households, balance sheets, supply and use tables, input-output tables.

Government finance

Government surplus/deficit, gross debt, revenue and expenditure, transactions and changes in financial assets and liabilities, balance sheets.

Exchange & interest rates

Current and historical exchange rates between currencies, effective exchange rate indices, short- and long-term interest rates, yield curves.

Economic globalisation

International trade in goods and services, inward and outwards foreign affiliates, foreign direct investment, employment and international sourcing.

Digital economy & society

Mobile internet access, social media use, e-commerce, ICT employment, internet security, cloud services, digital skills for businesses and households.


Consumer Price Index, purchasing habits, seasonality trends, household disposable income, household savings rates, e-commerce data capture.

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