Why DataBroker DAO is the ideal platform to sell your drone (sensor) data

As a drone-based solution provider, you collect a huge amount of drone data every day: high-altitude high-quality photographs and video, along with sensor data regarding temperature, air quality and so on. Unique information that can be very useful and extremely valuable for a lot of parties. So naturally, you want to monetize this data as much as possible.

Precision agriculture, for example, is one of the biggest sectors in drone data services. Large farmers want access to the exact data they need to make informed decisions. From mapping to tree counting to crop spraying and more, as a drone company, you can assist them to get immediate returns on their investment.

But what you don’t need is all the hassle. As a drone-based solution provider, you strive for efficiency; an automated solution to monetize your drone sensor data, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming sales and post-billing process. The solution? A decentralized marketplace for data, like DataBroker DAO.

How does it work?

With a connection on the drone, and a small software integration effort, it is possible to create new and fully secured business and autonomous data selling solutions. Like an on-board flying notary service. Integrated with public or private marketplaces.

Besides, the public marketplace system is as simple as it is smart. After registering, you put your gathered sensor data up for sale on the DataBroker DAO platform. Customers on the other side connect to the marketplace to download the required data in exchange for DTX tokens. These DTX tokens, which are already being traded on specialized exchanges, are the only currency possible on DataBroker DAO. And at the same time, buying DTX tokens is the only investment you have to make to be able to use the DataBroker services (buying, selling and staking).

Quality and confidentiality

It goes without saying that such a system stands or falls on the quality of the data. That’s why each seller has to lock up a minimum amount of DTX tokens to prove their confidence about the value and the quality of the data when listing their sensors on the marketplace. And of course, every effort is made to guarantee the confidentiality of the data, so that data from one customer will never be sold to another.

There you go, a waterproof system that gives farmers the right data to make the right decisions. But most of all a system that allows you to focus on your core business — collecting drone data — without having to worry about everything that comes with it. And … there’s as a bonus: by giving you insight into the volume of traded data, the marketplace even enables you to adapt and finetune your current data offer. A win-win situation for both parties, but most of all for you.

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