USE CASE GUIDE The Growing Value of Human Behavioural Data


How city planners, retailers, governments, and law enforcement can leverage data to inform decision making. 

Here's what you will learn:

  • Where human behavioural data fit into the larger data ecosystem of smart cities
  • Why human behavioural data have value and provide insight into things like how infectious diseases spread, why traffic jams happen, where the ideal location for a new store is
  • How cities can capitalize on the growing value of human behavioural data and create smart cities of the future

"Whether for the purposes of city planning, or to maximise retail success, understanding more about the people who visit a given area is fundamental for effective decision making."

This use-case guide will bring you strategic insights and use cases that solve real smart city challenges.

  • Use case 1: City planning for tourists
  • Use case 2: Retailer location planning
  • Use case 3: Optimizing retail staffing
  • Use case 4: Crowd control & law enforcement
  • Use case 5: Pandemic research & social distancing


Leveraging data to provide valuable insights is a trend that will certainly grow.

Human behavioural data reveal powerful insights that can guide decision making. As city planners, we can act on the insights we get from human behavioural data by, for example providing intelligent parking system. While app vendors can leverage data to integrate features that help authorities and citizens with anonymised contact tracing.

The volume, variety, and accuracy of human behavioural data sources is constantly expanding.

As the utility and value of the data grows, demand for access to it will grow in parallel. This necessitates the emergence of a marketplace that can empower data providers like telcos and sensor owners to monetize their valuable data assets. At the same time, such a marketplace provides data users with an easy-to-access source of the data they need to improve decision making. is the data marketplace of the future. Utilizing blockchain technology to provide a secure platform for the trading of data, and supporting real-time data exchange through APIs, Databroker enables buyers and sellers of data to securely exchange it at a peer-to-peer level, without the need for an intermediary.

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