Smart islands DataBroker DAO to the rescue

This year’s Smart Island World Congress, which was held in Calviá, Mallorca, from 23 to 24 April, brought together experts from all around the world to explore the opportunities that can arise from the unique challenges facing islands in areas such as efficiency, urban planning and economic and social development in the global era.

During the workshops on this two-day congress, DataBroker DAO made a lasting impact. Representatives of islands like Aruba and Barbados were very eager to find out how this platform could solve some of the specific challenges they are facing. Waste management, just to name one, or the lack of data sensors.

An Aruba beach

Unlike major cities, islands usually don’t dispose of a lot of sensors. But thanks to a platform like DataBroker DAO, instead of spending a lot of money on the acquisition of sensors, they can have these sensors installed by private companies, and only pay for the data they need. Mobile phone data of tourists — where have they been, for how long, … — can be used as well, after making a deal with the telecommunication providers. And they have the opportunity to monetize their own data, by selling it to third parties.

“Islands are the perfect playing ground for our solution”, says Tom De Block, Blockchain Solution Architect at DataBroker DAO. “Unlike cities, where some of the competences are regional or even national, an island stands alone. Making it a lot easier to get things done. That is one of the reasons why we will gladly work together with all interested islands to deploy white labeled front ends of the DataBroker DAO marketplace.”

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