How a data marketplace can help turtles

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Mobile crowd sensing is a technique where mobile users use their mobile devices to collect, locally process and analyze, as well as distribute geo-referenced information.

As a new trend of development in Internet of Things, mobile crowd sensing is both used in industry and multiple research studies, including traffic and road monitoring (geo-crowdsourcing), urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety, environmental and ecological monitoring, and others.

In other cases, the mobile reporters are operating in a private network with specific assignments.

Boa Vista, the turtle island

With its tropical arid climate, blue green sea and white sands, Boa Vista is a very popular destination in the Cape Verde Archipelago. Several all-inclusive resorts are hosting a few thousands of tourists per week.

The ecological impact of the tourism translates into a huge trash problem, with trash spots randomly spread over the island, outside the peripheral of the all-inclusive resorts.

Alternative tourism, plays a much lower role in waste but also negatively influences the surrounding environment. Meanwhile the island hosts a huge colony of sea turtles, having there nests on the beaches around the island, often in between plastic trash.

People & technology to the rescue

A Nearcom initiative was launched by volunteers, academics and an association of tech companies, aiming to resolve the trash problem. The association contracted, member of the DataBroker DAO Alliance, to help localizing the trash spots, and to collect local data reports on the clean-up campaigns. A mobile app is used to collect text, audio and video reports, while adding GPS coordinates. The DataBroker DAO staking and claim mechanisms are used to assure the quality and integrity of the reports.

For the second year in a row, DataBroker DAO participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. We’re proud to announce this crowd sensing initiative in the context of this event where environmental wellbeing, social wellbeing urban transformation were the key topics.

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