Achieve your full potential with retail location planning

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The challenge

Location is one of the most important keys to the success of a point of sale, whether it is a boutique, a restaurant, a pharmacy or a large supermarket. Of course, other elements like customer friendliness, the product range and the quality of the goods or services offered are just as important, but the location is a crucial factor that is often forgotten. As many companies have learned by bitter experience.

Where are there many visitors? How many competitors are there in the neighbourhood? Is the location easily accessible? Is there plenty of parking? These are all factors that can make or break the success of your business. How do you get an answer to these questions, so that you can make an informed decision?

The solution

Geodata gives you insights into the minds and habits of your consumers, so you can cleverly respond to market trends and changes. And geocoding provides a wealth of location intelligence, allowing your business to act on competitive opportunities. A few examples …

Thanks to wireless data you learn more about your customer’s behaviour, allowing you to respond to their needs and habits. You can also combine your customer and prospection data with socio-demographic insights, domestic information and purchase behaviour, competition, and not forgetting your store data.

By using satellite images, geospatial data and the data from important retail players like Locatus (collecting information about stores, shopping areas, and shopping passers-by) and Belmap (providing you with an accurate 3D digital model of Belgium) you can further increase your competitive edge.

And for some sectors, the resulting data can even be checked against specific criteria, so that nothing is left to chance. Such as the Pharmacy Establishment Act for example, which imposes strict conditions regarding the location of pharmacies in Belgium.

As a result, you can beat your competitors to valuable information, enabling you to establish the perfect location for your store and to know exactly when it’s time to expand or open a new branch.

Data provider: GIM

GIM gives your organisation relevant geographical insights by providing a diverse and up-to-date range of geospatial data. Thanks to partnerships with leading providers, GIM has an extensive portfolio of satellite images. The geo experts at GIM analyse your needs and help you choose the images you need, combining their know-how in GIS and Geo ICTLocation Intelligence and Earth observation to provide you with a tailored solution.