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Helping cities embrace their smart potential: Databroker welcomes smart city solution provider ICE Gateway

- By Valentina Ponomariova | April 02, 2020

  1. Databroker is delighted to announce a new addition to its growing community of data providers: smart city solution-provider, ICE Gateway. Currently implementing its edge computing-based solutions in 14 cities across five European countries, ICE Gateway can bring a broad range of data to the Databroker marketplace, including energy, mobility, environmental and infrastructure data. By making this data available, ICE Gateway can continue contributing to the well-being of cities and the smart city transformation, and at the same time, unlock the value of its data and generate new revenue streams.

    Using data to make cities smarter

    With rapid population growth and a continued increase in the number of people living in urban areas, countries worldwide are looking to technology to enhance the benefits and diminish the shortcomings of urbanisation. In recent years, the data revolution has already shown signs of delivering on its promise to improve quality of life in cities, with solutions being deployed for intelligent street lighting, traffic analysis, waste management and much more.

    And the trend is set to continue – being a globally-recognised ‘smart’ city is now a key factor for attracting investment and talent.
    1. In the 2019 IMD Smart City Index that ranked 102 cities worldwide based on how citizens perceive the scope and impact of efforts to make their cities ‘smart’, Singapore topped the results. European cities are performing strongly too, with six ranking in the top ten: Zurich (2), Oslo (3), Geneva (4), Copenhagen (5), Helsinki (8), Bibao (9) and Dusseldorf (10).

Smart city and enterprise applications

One of the companies helping cities move towards smart solutions is German provider ICE Gateway. Based on a programmable Mobile Edge Computer (iceMEC), ICE Gateway offers innovative infrastructure solutions, and its network is the cornerstone for numerous services in the fields of street lighting, tourist and location information, mobility and public transport, waste management, security, sensor technology and marketing. ICE Gateway’s solutions are currently implemented in 14 cities across Germany, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Norway.

Databroker and ICE Gateway met at 2019 IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, where the possibilities for a mutually beneficial collaboration became obvious.

With its blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform, Databroker provides an easy-to-use, secure marketplace where ICE Gateway can make its valuable data available to wide communities of buyers in both the public and private sector looking to gain a competitive advantage by using data, as well as smart city initiatives across Europe and further afield.

CEO of ICE Gateway, Ralf Gerbershagen comments: “Thanks to our intelligent Smart City application, ICE Gateway generates a significant amount of traffic and environmental data, which can be used to improve safety and the overall quality of life in urban and rural areas. The Databroker platform enables us to provide these valuable data streams to customers around the world, which in turn allows them to create value-added services that make people’s lives better.”

ICE Gateway publishes their first-time data offer on Databroker

On 16 March, was launched exclusively for data providers/sellers. Two weeks later, we can see a mobility data offer that was published by ICE Gateway. You can find this data offer here. Stay tuned, as more data is available.

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