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Facilitating Industry 4.0: Databroker collaborates with market leader Phoenix Contact

- By Valentina Ponomariova | February 03, 2020

New year, new collaborations and a world of opportunity! 2020 has gotten off to a great start for the Databroker team and we are in the final stages of launch preparation for our revamped marketplace. As we onboard data providers, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with market-leading electronic solutions provider, Phoenix Contact – a win-win collaboration that enables Phoenix Contact to differentiate their solution, and that can help companies worldwide to develop their Industry 4.0 strategies.


Industry 4.0, i.e. the next generation of industrial automation, is set to be a game changer for manufacturers worldwide. In a recent report, professional services consultancy Deloitte said that “developing and executing on integrated strategies that leverage Industry 4.0 technologies should be a priority for all organizations”, and they encouraged companies to embrace technologies that can not only improve business, but also benefit society.


Like Databroker, Phoenix Contact is actively working to shape solutions for the future, and is particularly well placed to facilitate Industry 4.0 by turning digital transformation into intelligent production. With its headquarters in Blomberg, Germany, Phoenix Contact has a long history of machine building and automation, and offers an impressive proximity to its clients thanks to its global network across over 100 countries, supported by 18,500 employees. 


One of Phoenix Contact’s many innovative offerings is its open automation platform PLCnext Technology. This unique, open ecosystem for modern automation is designed to meet the challenges of the IoT connected world. With the PLCnext Store, Phoenix Contact provides the PLCnext Community with an open exchange platform for their software solutions. 

The mutually beneficial collaboration between Phoenix Contact and Databroker opens a world of possibilities for both companies, with Phoenix Contact able to bring an additional service of data exchange within the PLC Community, thus more value to PLCnext users, and Databroker even better able to meet the needs of companies looking for data to help them further develop their Industry 4.0 strategies. 


Smooth technical onboarding

With the launch of the new Databroker marketplace right around the corner, ensuring the smooth technical onboarding of our data providers is a key focus for the Databroker team.

This week, Databroker’s backend engineer, Adrien Blavier, worked closely with the Phoenix Contact team to explore and evaluate the systems integration of the Databroker  Data eXchange Controller (DXC) into PLCnext. This opens new possibilities, as in this way, DXC can directly run on the PLCnext.

The DXC enables data to be safely and securely transferred directly from the PLCnext to the buyer, with no intermediary. After buying data, the buyer receives a unique link to directly access his purchased data on the PLCnext controller.

Joris Huegaerts, Business Area Manager Industry Management and Automation is enthusiastic about joining forces with Databroker, "Thanks to our collaboration with Databroker we enable our customers to sell their data in a secure, traceable and extremely easy way."

We strive to offer the best possible experience for data providers who join the Databroker platform and are committed to supporting them throughout their onboarding journey. After the successful onboarding of Phoenix Contact, we will continue onboarding a growing list of data providers in advance of the relaunch.


“We are excited to work with Phoenix Contact and are looking forward to an enduring partnership to provide PLCnext users with a way to increase their bottom line, to cover costs of their Industry 4.0 strategy and to provide access to hard to find data for buyers on the Databroker platform,” says Matthew Van Niekerk, Databroker CEO.


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In the run-up to the launch of our new marketplace, you can contact our DataMatch Advisor, Vincent Bultot. Vincent will explore your data needs, and put you in touch with data providers in our network.

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About Databroker

Databroker is the first global marketplace for data that allows to exchange and monetize any type of data (IoT sensor data, files, API’s, data streams,..). Data buyers and sellers can connect via the Databroker platform and exchange data securely on a peer-to-peer basis. While data-rich companies can leverage our wide-labeled Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to operate their own data exchange platforms. 

Databroker is taking care of all financial transactions, acts as an escrow and applies blockchain smart contracts to share data safely between both parties. 

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering and automation. It is also a family company, with a global network across more than 100 countries and 18,500 employees, and a keen sense of responsibility and an aspiration to shape the future. We offer an extensive portfolio of products and sector-oriented services. This allows us to create one significant added value for our customers and partners.

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