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DTX token listed on Bit4you … more exchanges to follow soon

- By Valentina Ponomariova | August 12, 2019

DataBroker DAO is undergoing a real transformation and is experiencing exciting times. That is the least we can say. Much has been written about our challenge to get our crypto listed, but that is about to change. Bit4you, the first and only fully regulated Belgian exchange with fiat on and off ramp, has been selected as a trustable and qualitative exchange to list the DTX token. And more exchanges will follow in the not-so-distant future.

Trying to get your crypto asset listed on an exchange is challenging. In 2018, we applied with no less than 15 reputable exchanges, which resulted in listing our DTX token on CoinFalcon, Tokenjar, and Probit. However, CoinFalcon recently delisted the DTX token as part of their general removal of altcoins, with no communication or notification whatsoever. This made us realize that we urgently have to address this matter.

We immediately applied with several other exchanges, including Yobit, Idex, Bittrex, Beaxy, io,, Bitmax and Upbit. But this application process is expensive and extremely time-consuming, and often you get no response at all from the platform’s owners.

“We are highly aware of the exchange situation”, says Roderik van der Veer, founder and CTO of DataBroker DAO. “Over the last two years we submitted for almost all reputable exchanges. We made sure that after the recent delist wave we kept an exchange reporting to CoinMarketCap and one with fiat on/off ramp. Adding more will not change the low liquidity; we believe that any changes in that respect will come from the commercial adoption of the platform.”


Bit4you is the first exchange platform for crypto assets to operate from Belgium on a European level, facilitating the transition between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies such as Euro or Dollar. The platform is in line with Belgian legislation and with the new directives on the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering. Bit4you charges a 2% cash in/out fee, but there are no trading fees for buying or selling your crypto.

If you want to try out different trading strategies, to find out which one is best without taking any risks, you can open a free demo account and get 100.000 (fake) USDTs to buy your first assets. In the form of DTX tokens, that goes without saying …

As we said, we also applied with several other crypto exchanges. And we kindly request our community to support us in the listing process, by getting us in touch directly with the right contacts. Do you know anyone at one of these exchanges, please let us know.

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