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Accelerating growth: Databroker brings COVID-19 cases and rolls out new functionalities to sell and buy data

- By Valentina Ponomarova | April 30, 2020

From introducing new functionalities to provide data buyers and sellers with more value to collaborating with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on the COVID-19 data hub, today, we are announcing new significant improvements to the Databroker platform. 

Last month, we unveiled the Databroker marketplace and started onboarding first data providers: the National Geographic Institute, Robustel, Computd, Phoenix Contact and Ice Gateway. This allowed them to set up their accounts and publish data offers and data products to the marketplace. 

Today, we are proud to report the following improvements:

  • Advanced pricing. Data providers have the option to set a fixed price and/or allow bidding by interested buyers. 

  • Complete Stripe integration which is key for secure payments.

  • Smart account overview. Databroker makes it easy to manage data offers, view bids, payments and manage users. 

As for the actions underway, we keep our focus on perfecting the platform, making it intuitive to use. Also, we aim at finalizing the integration with the Data eXchange Controller (The DXC software, installed on the data provider’s system that allows data to be safely and securely transferred from the seller to the buyer) and blockchain smart contracts.

“It’s a big progress we’ve made in a relatively short period of time - delivering the peer-to-peer platform we need to allow data sharing and data monetization,” says Matthew Van Niekerk, Databroker CEO. 

At Databroker, our mission is to help businesses to thrive by accelerating the path to effective adoption of the data economy and to do that, we simply need to bring data buyers and data sellers together, to ensure easier, faster and safer access to reliable and actionable data. That’s why we build and perfect the Databroker platform -  the world's single and secure marketplace to share, buy and sell data. 

“It’s a platform that brings business value and does work for businesses across different industries, universities and government institutions”, continues Matthew Van Niekerk.

From research to commercialization, demand for higher quality data is growing strongly. Students need reliable data to conduct research; entrepreneurs and industrial leaders need high-quality granular data to investigate business opportunities, create new valuable products and services, drive innovation and business growth; while government institutions need smart data to make effective decisions for the well-being and better living standards of their citizens. 

The COVID-19 crisis has shown even the greater need for reliable and open data. And we are proud to collaborate with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and bring data on geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide to the marketplace. 

ECDC’s main role as an agency of the European Union is to strengthen Europe’s defences against communicable diseases. ECDC has a key role in pooling knowledge, exchanging information and best practices among experts in Europe. 

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We start from a position of considerable strength that we have to build on. 

Databroker has been a pioneer in developing a true peer-to-peer marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to ensure easy, fast and secure data transfer, directly from the seller to the buyer. However, there is much more that can be done. Databroker strives to deliver a complete experience: from data sharing, data scouting and monetization to DataMatch. For buyers who have trouble finding the data they need, we provide advice and guidance they need to succeed. Our free, tailor-made DataMatch service helps identify and match potential data partners from our wide global network.

Make smart decisions faster

At Databroker, we believe that business data should be open, easily accessible and actionable. Therefore, it is vital to work collaboratively with companies across industries to create the right business environment in which they can benefit from data sharing and data monetization. That’s why we will continue to explore our product-market fit and develop a more strategic approach to facilitating collaboration and data exchange between business, universities and government institutions. 

We look forward to sharing further progress in future updates.

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